My first “Hello, World” application for WP7

I managed to write a tiny little application. Of course, it’s not interesting for people who have been developing earlier. What I am doing is really the very beginning. This is somebody who doesn’t have the slightest clue about programming.

But I said I’d blog about all my achievements and all my failures.

So this is what I was doing:

I developed an application with three checkboxes. There you can choose between English, German or Dutch. After having done that you press the “Ready” – button what will let appear a text asking you how you are doing in the chosen language.

So far, so good. Debugging shows me that it is working. But – and this I might call a failure – there are two problems.

1.)    While the application is running you cannot choose another language, because the earlier checked checkbox will stay checked. So the goal to improve it is to automatically uncheck it when you choose another language.

2.)    Right above the checkboxes there is a textbox displaying the line “choose your language”. I need to change that into the chosen language as well.

I am curious how far I can come.

Those of my readers who know me might say, how easy that is for me, because my significant other is an expert in developing and evangelizing for Windows Phone. Since this blog is about somebody who never was developing, somebody who doesn’t have any knowledge about programming at all, I am not asking him for help! I really want to see how far I can come without professional help. Just learning by doing. And of course reading.

To be continued…


It’s time!

Yesterday I found out that there is an application for WP7 available that could have been from me if I only would have learned programming earlier. I had the idea for this particular app a few months ago. I still have so many ideas. I know exactly what my applications should look like, how they are supposed to work. So I guess it’s time now to get seriously started. Unfortunately I don’t really understand VS2010, yet. But I won’t stop, I won’t give up. It only can get better.

To be continued…

is reading enough?

It has been a little while now since my last blog entry. In the meantime I’ve been reading and learning (so I hope) a few things. I’ve learned about classes, objects, methods, variables, arrays, exceptions, etc.

Although that all is very interesting stuff, I realize that this is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. So I’ve decided to learn by doing. It’s good to know about all those things in theory, but I think it’ll be way easier to memorize all that if I start playing with the developer tools.

I won’t stop reading the book though. Actually, the way Rob Miles was writing that book is very entertaining.

By the way: last week during TechEd Europe in Berlin I had the chance to meet Rob Miles. Once you hear him talking, once you hear his English humour, you know the book is written the same way he talks. Which makes it even more fun to read.

My upcoming plans are:

1.) continue reading and learning the theory

2.) play with VS2010 and write a little “Hello World” application

3.) add more and more functionality to that app and make it actually  work.

Of course I will blog about both all my achievements and my failures.

To be continued…

learned about objects and compiler

I am learning something new and interesting every day.

Of course I knew that there were the C languages, and that C# was developed by Microsoft corporation. So far I just didn´t see the deeper sense. But thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense. While C languages allow you to do anything you want to, you could screw up your code, and wouldn´t know where. If you´re doing anything stupid with your code in C#, you will get an error message, so you know exactly where you did something wrong. Sounds pretty easy, doesn´t it?

I’ll let you know if it really is that easy, once I am at the programming part.

I am really glad I started reading that book. First when I heard about objects in C#, I didn’t have a clue. I start understanding what an object is, how it works.

But what I really like is the compiler. It’s like somebody sitting inside your computer, translating your ideas from any language into something the computer can understand and finally execute. I get the idea that programming is possible for anybody. It doesn’t seem to be rocket science.

To be continued…

Learning starts with reading

I am busy reading the first book. So far I’ve learned that a computer is NOT a refrigerator. Thank you, Rob Miles, for pointing that out. No, seriously. That book is fun to read. It really starts at the beginning. So for someone like me, who basically just knows how to switch on a PC or how to start a browser, this is a good thing. I mean, if I really want to understand what programs do, how they work or in other words, where my possibilities are, how I can make something work, then I need to learn it from the very beginning.

Of course I could skip all that and immediately start at the actual programming part. But wouldn’t I get lost there? Where is the sense in knowing how to write some code if I don’t understand what that code does? So I guess, I’ll just be patient and read it all.

To be continued…

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