I am just a normal woman, 42 years old, and I like smart phones. Windows Phone 7, to be more precise. My first Windows Mobile 6.5 device (yes, they once had a different name) I got just a few months ago. I liked that device. And the whole concept of searching for and getting apps on the marketplace.

I even got the chance to play with the development tools – Visual Studio 2008. Never having done anything around programming at all, not even knowing any programming language I finally managed to write a simple “Hello World” application. What an achievement!

A few weeks ago I saw the first Windows Phone 7, and I immediately fell for it.

Anyway – this is the starting point: middle aged woman, no programming background, but a passion for Windows Phones, and so many ideas about what kind of applications actually should be available at marketplace.

So, the ideas for a bunch of applications are there. But how do I get them realized? I mean, could I actually write them? Microsoft says, anybody can do it. Let’s see, if I could be ‘anybody’.

This is what this blog is about:

Somebody who doesn’t have any knowledge about programming whatsoever, learning, learning even more, and maybe even get an app out to marketplace.

I try to cover everything a beginner should know. After all, I am a beginner. If there is anybody out there, thinking I missed something, or if somebody wants other topics in this blog, please feel free to contact me on Twitter @andidrea.

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