Hello, World, Again!

Welcome to my new blog.

Many of my readers already followed my blog on http://andreahaubner.blog.com. Unfortunately in the last few weeks that site was unreachable, so I decided to move that blog.

I started with rewriting all previous post, before there will be new content.

When I started that blog I didn’t know anything about let’s say computer – related stuff. I didn’t know C#, I didn’t know Silverlight, I did not even know how to properly set up a blog. In other words: I knew nothing.

So I picked the first suggestion for a blog that I could find. And to be honest, I did like the fact, that it said “blog.com”. I found that kind of appropriate.

There were people telling me, that I picked the wrong site for my blog, but since I wanted to do that all on my own (that blog was my baby) I did not listen to them.

Well, I better should have! Because my blog has been down so many times. I could not reach it, I could not update it… Nothing! Alone in the last 4 weeks, I was able to reach it once, and today.

So I decided to move my blog. Every entry I made there, will be here as well. And soon there will be new content.

To be continued…

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