a closer look to VS 2010 Express for WP

It’s time to take a closer look to my development environment – Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone.

Taking a little “Hello World” application to do so. First I pinned the toolbox on the left side. That made it easy to drag and drop my objects to my main form. I used a Button and a TextBlock. Having done that, I can click on the object I want to work with like the Button. Clicking the Button once gives me the chance to change appearance or even behaviour by simply changing some properties in the properties window on the right side of my main form. I changed the name from the original “button1″ (VS automatically numbers your added objects. The next Button will initially be called button2) to “MyClickMeButton”, and the content from the initial “Button” to “Click Me”. So, without even having to write code, I can make things appear like I want them to.

The same way I changed properties for my TextBlock. I cleared the content, and renamed it to “MyTextBlock”.

Now it was time to write a little code. I simply double-clicked my button and VS opened another tab, showing the cs file. Being a beginner I would not really have known where to put my code. But VS 2010 just put my cursor in the right place. All I have to do now is telling Visual Studio what I want to happen after the button is clicked in the running application. Easy enough, that means just adding one single line of code between the two curly brackets:

That was easy. Now I want to know if my application is working. Therefor I just have to select “build solution” in the “Debug”menu un the header, (or hit the F6 key) and after the Build succeeded I klick again in the menu on “Debug” (or hit the F5 key). The emulator will open, and assuming I didn’t screw it up, my application will run inside the emulator.

To be continued…

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