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The first time I actually was sitting in front of a computer was 4 years ago. I didn’t know anything. From what I hear most people start with any Windows OS, e.g. Windows XP. That’s what I heard from friends. Well, I didn’t. The first OS I got in touch with was a Linux OS. Suse9.1 to be more specific.

Not knowing anything that was pretty hard. I had to immediately learn how to make things work, how to install additional programs.

Funny though – while over the time I watched people moving away from Windows to Linux based Operation Systems, I moved towards Windows. The reason is that I am so excited about Windows Mobile, and more recently Windows Phone 7.

I try to learn as much as possible about developing applications for Windows Phone. Today I found this Windows Phone 7 Development for absolute Beginners video series . It’s supposed to be done after 4 days. And it’s giving you assignments, homework so to speak. So I am quite curious. I will keep you updated.

To be continued…

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