Debugging shows me issues…

As easy as it sounds to develop little applications for Windows Phone 7, it’s not entirely true. It was easy to get started, even without knowing anything. But then you debug and the first few minutes you are just happy that you got something working. Soon though you will see, that it is far from perfect. You see little things that should work different, better, more efficient.

My application, for example. I was talking about the two issues I ran into. Let me be more specific about that:

Here is what I did:

The fact that I used checkboxes instead of radio Buttons lets me choose multiple languages, but only the first chosen language is shown.

I also would like to have the language being displayed immediately when I choose it. So I have to do that outside the click event handler. I don’t have any idea, yet, how I am going to make that work.

But, hey… it’s all part of the learning process, right? So let’s learn.

To be continued…


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