My first “Hello, World” application for WP7

I managed to write a tiny little application. Of course, it’s not interesting for people who have been developing earlier. What I am doing is really the very beginning. This is somebody who doesn’t have the slightest clue about programming.

But I said I’d blog about all my achievements and all my failures.

So this is what I was doing:

I developed an application with three checkboxes. There you can choose between English, German or Dutch. After having done that you press the “Ready” – button what will let appear a text asking you how you are doing in the chosen language.

So far, so good. Debugging shows me that it is working. But – and this I might call a failure – there are two problems.

1.)    While the application is running you cannot choose another language, because the earlier checked checkbox will stay checked. So the goal to improve it is to automatically uncheck it when you choose another language.

2.)    Right above the checkboxes there is a textbox displaying the line “choose your language”. I need to change that into the chosen language as well.

I am curious how far I can come.

Those of my readers who know me might say, how easy that is for me, because my significant other is an expert in developing and evangelizing for Windows Phone. Since this blog is about somebody who never was developing, somebody who doesn’t have any knowledge about programming at all, I am not asking him for help! I really want to see how far I can come without professional help. Just learning by doing. And of course reading.

To be continued…

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