is reading enough?

It has been a little while now since my last blog entry. In the meantime I’ve been reading and learning (so I hope) a few things. I’ve learned about classes, objects, methods, variables, arrays, exceptions, etc.

Although that all is very interesting stuff, I realize that this is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. So I’ve decided to learn by doing. It’s good to know about all those things in theory, but I think it’ll be way easier to memorize all that if I start playing with the developer tools.

I won’t stop reading the book though. Actually, the way Rob Miles was writing that book is very entertaining.

By the way: last week during TechEd Europe in Berlin I had the chance to meet Rob Miles. Once you hear him talking, once you hear his English humour, you know the book is written the same way he talks. Which makes it even more fun to read.

My upcoming plans are:

1.) continue reading and learning the theory

2.) play with VS2010 and write a little “Hello World” application

3.) add more and more functionality to that app and make it actually  work.

Of course I will blog about both all my achievements and my failures.

To be continued…

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