learned about objects and compiler

I am learning something new and interesting every day.

Of course I knew that there were the C languages, and that C# was developed by Microsoft corporation. So far I just didn´t see the deeper sense. But thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense. While C languages allow you to do anything you want to, you could screw up your code, and wouldn´t know where. If you´re doing anything stupid with your code in C#, you will get an error message, so you know exactly where you did something wrong. Sounds pretty easy, doesn´t it?

I’ll let you know if it really is that easy, once I am at the programming part.

I am really glad I started reading that book. First when I heard about objects in C#, I didn’t have a clue. I start understanding what an object is, how it works.

But what I really like is the compiler. It’s like somebody sitting inside your computer, translating your ideas from any language into something the computer can understand and finally execute. I get the idea that programming is possible for anybody. It doesn’t seem to be rocket science.

To be continued…

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